• S O N G S
    Setting in music of 36 poems of C.P.Cavafy - in greek language - in three Collections:

        1. I've brought to Art
        2. The City
        3. Voices
        4. Walls
        5. Long Age
        6. Ithaka
        7. An Old Man
        8. To Call Up The Shades
        9. Things Ended
        10. Nous n'osons plus chanter les roses
        11. Thermopylae
        12. Waiting for the Barbarians

        1. Morning Sea
        2. Candles
        3. Monotony
        4. As much as you can
        5. Return
        6. The ides of March
        7. Trojans
        8. The first step
        9. Hidden things
        10. Che fece... il gran rifiuto
        11. But the wise perceive things about to happen
        12. The God abandons Antony

        1. Strengthening
        2. Days of 1903
        3. Supplication
        4. December of 1903
        5. Desires
        6. Curmen cordis
        7. The bank of the future
        8. In the year 200 B.C.
        9. The home of soul
        10. The pen
        11. Bacchic
        12. Painted

    IV. A selection with 12 songs from the above mentioned collections are also produced by the composer in three foreign languages: "Voices" in english, "Stimmen" in german and "Voci" in italian

    V. The Cavafy-Cyclus of the composer is completed by an oratorium based on a prosatext of the Poet, entitled "The Ships"; free texts and chorals are written by the composer.

         ORATORIUM: "THE SHIPS OF ART", Opus 68 for four voices (soprano, mezzosoprano, tenore, baritone), mixed chorus and symphonic orchestra.

  • S Y M P H O N I C

        - SYMPHONY No.1 - The Stuttgarter, opus 12, in C-minor
        - SYMPHONY No.2 - The Olympic, opus 18, in F-major
        - SYMPHONY No.3, opus 44, in D-minor
        - SYMPHONY No.4, opus 75, in C-minor

        - Concert for cello and orchestra, opus 69
        - Concert for viola and orchestra, opus 70
        - Concert for violin and orchestra No.1, opus 72
        - Concert for violin and orchestra No.2, opus 84
        - Concert for piano and orchestra No.1, opus 78
        - Concert for piano and orchestra No.2, opus 87

  • C H A M B E R    M U S I C

        - String-Quartett No.1, opus 31, in C-major
        - String-Quartett No.2, opus 33a, in C-minor
        + String-Quintett, opus 33b, in C-minor
        - String-Quartett No.3, opus 52, in A-minor
        - String-Quartett No.4, opus 53, in C-sharp-minor
        - String-Quartett No.5, opus 79a, in D-minor
        + String-Quintett, opus 79b, in D-minor

        - Piano - Trio No 1 (Violin - Viola) in C-major, Opus 42
        - Piano - Trio No 2 (Violin - Cello) in E-minor, Opus 46
        - Piano - Trio No 3 (Alto-Tenor, Saxophones) in B-minor, Opus 73.
        - Piano - Trio No 4 (Flute - Clarinett in Bb) in F-major, Opus 80a.
        - Piano - Trio No 4 (Oboe - Clarinett in Bb) in C-major, Opus 80b

  • O P E R A T I C

    "CAPTAIN MICHAEL" from N.Kazantzakis, in three acts

  • "MARIA CALLAS", melodrama, in three acts

  • O T H E R    W O R K S

    "RAPSODY FOR PEACE" for Flute and Piano, in E-minor, opus 5a

  • "VIRTUE AND DURING CLAIMS FREEDOM" for Oboe and Piano; suite symphonic in C-minor, opus 6a

    "CHRISTINA'S SMILE" orchestral fantasy, opus 91